Committee Assignments

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Audit Peggy Elhardt
Awards Suzi Wiggins , Glenda Barwick
Budget & Finance Suzi Wiggins

Community Service and

Ways & Means

Peggy Elhardt, Rachel Hamilton, James Nace,

Sherri Bare, and Michael Bare

Hospitality/Sunshine/Meeting Hazel Lyons, Sherri Bare & Suzi Wiggins
Lane Inspection Daniel Holton, Jim Nase, Sterling Proctor & Ed Abel
Legislative Peggy Elhardt, Roger Wallingford, Ronnie Smith & Sterling Proctor
Membership Training All Board Members
Mary Humphrey Youth Scholarship Fund Wendy Kelley, Ronnie Smith & Robert Hudley
Nominating All Board Members
Public Relations/Hall of Fame/Life Members Glenda Barwick, Roger Wallingford & Robert Hudley
Recognition Hazel Lyons
Suspension & Reinstatement All Board Members

Men – Jim Nase - Director
Roger Wallingford, Ronnie Smith, Daniel Holton, and Michael Bare
Women – Peggy Elhardt - Director
Glenda Barwick, Sherri Bare, Brianna Peacock, and Rachel Hamilton
Mixed – Glenda Barwick - Director
Hazel Lyons, Roger Wallingford, Ronnie Smith, Michael Bare, Sherri Bare, and Jim Nase
Women's 200 Club – Glenda Barwick
Golden Isles Open Team Event - Jim Nase

All Board Members to Work Tournaments

Youth Donna Hord, Wendy Kelly, Ronnie Smith, and Harry King