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Improve Your Score, Pick Up Extra Pins

  1. If your ball is rolling/hooking early and dying on the backend this could be due to your ball surface. If the surface of your ball is too dull it can cause your ball to roll early and use up its energy too early as opposed to storing it up until it reaches the backend. Do not worry it is a simple problem to fix. You can have your ball polished or smooth out the grit of the surface with a higher grade of sandpaper, this will get more length from your ball, therefore increasing the amount of backend reaction. If after altering the surface of the ball you still find that the ball is hooking too early, try moving your target on the lane and your feet a little left. Moving your eyes down the lane also works for some.
  2. If you are having trouble making your corner pin spares a small investment in a spare ball can increase your spare conversion rate. The less you have to do to the ball or your release in order to make a spare the better. By purchasing a plastic spare ball or even taking one of your old urethane balls out of the closet you can make shooting spare much easier and increase your average.
  3. Still trying to average over 200 with one ball? In today's game it is crucial to have more than one ball. You should no more consider going golfing with one club in your bag than you should consider bowling with only one ball. With the difference in lane conditions and lane surfaces it is impossible to adjust to all conditions with one bowling ball. Adding one or two more balls to your arsenal can increase your average easily. If you have a mid-performance ball you may want to look at getting an entry level and a high-performance ball to cover drier and oily lane conditions. Example: In golf, you would not use a sand wedge when you are on the green. Therefore, use the correct equipment under the correct circumstances.
  4. If your thumb feels loose today don't squeeze until your thumb swells. Use bowlers tape. This is more vital than you may think. Squeezing with your thumb or fingers is not only discomforting when swelling occurs, but can also result in inconsistent shot making. Hanging up in the ball or dropping the ball will definitely take pins off your score. Your grip is vital to a good loose arm swing. And a good loose arm swing is one way to higher scores. In order to maintain a relaxed fit with your thumb and fingers your ball has to be fitted and drilled correctly. Using inserts as well as bowlers tape can give you a more secure fit reducing swelling, ultimately giving you endurance and consistency.
  5. Has your ball lost the reaction that you once had when it was new? Have you lost the hitting and carrying power of your ball? This could mean it may be time for a new bowling ball :) Reactive resin bowling balls can wear out if they are not properly maintained. Resin has become popular because of its porous surface, which always the ball to hook more, and over time if maintenance is not kept up the ball can become saturated with oil and lose its reaction. Maintaining your ball is like giving your car an oil change. Are you inconsistent on your delivery? This could be due to the fact that you are not squaring off your shoulders to the foul line during your entire delivery. This is frequent when you are rushing your approach. Keep a moderate speed during your approach and make sure your shoulders and squared off during your delivery.
  6. Speaking of rushing your approach here is another great tip. Focusing on your mark is fundamental, but all too often we do not continue to hold our final position until the ball crosses over that mark. This is most prevalent when we throw a disgusting shot. Hold your position and analyse that shot and what you did and file away the results to help prevent or repeat your results. Do not walk away disappointed if you throw something you are not happy with. Take this chance to learn from your mistakes and improve your game.
  7. Staying balanced and following through (we like to call it "completing the shot") is everything. Balance will enable you to execute properly and maintain your consistency. You must stay balanced at the foul line by the use of your non-sliding leg as a counter weight and slide it to the opposite side of your throwing arm. You should also remain upright as you get down low to the lane.
  8. Watching others better than yourself is a quick way to pick up some easy pointers. Take some time every now and then to cross analysis your technique and their technique. Watching and analyzing others can improve your game. Remember what works for them may or may not work for you. Stay true to what works for you and do not drastically alter your technique due to a couple bad games.
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice. Yes, we know it not a quick fix, however, it works. Although, when all else fails and you are at the point of no return kick back....order some wings and a couple pitchers then charge it to the other team.